GGC2020 - Day 10 [Froid Signature]

11 June 2020

GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020!


Day 9 Progress

A lot of today’s work went into refactoring the animation prototype from yesterday out into modular data files with separate scenes & animations, removing the repeated code and making new animations super easy to add!

Then I worked on getting the basics of the system maps working, so now the player’s ship starts in a basic test system with a sun and a single planet, and flying close to the planet triggers the landing sequence! Cool!

I still need to hook this up with other player ships, and implement proper collision checking between them all, then also get the hyperlane network in so players can navigate between different systems!

GGC2020 - Day 8 [Froid Signature]

10 June 2020

GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020!


Day 8 Progress

A working prototype of how planetary interiors could work, with this fixed point camera view and mouse based movement


Inspired by the Freelancer animated transitions, as seen below:

GGC2020 - Day 7 [Froid Signature]

9 June 2020

GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020!


Day 7 Progress

Took a much needed break for a few days and I’ve been struggling to get back into the swing of things, so I decided to do something fun and prototype some landing animations for players touching down on planets. Inspired by Freelancer!

Next steps.. I still need to refactor a tonne of stuff now that I have a better grasp of the full gamemode concept, but that’s boring.

So I might prototype some more tomorrow! Thinking about having planetside areas control like in Freelancer, with a fixed point camera and mouse input.

I’m trying to do a lot of workarounds/fake interactions/areas like this in order to allow a massive possible play space, not just confined to the Source engine map maximum bounds

GGC2020 - Day 6 [Froid Signature]

8 June 2020

GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020!


Day 6 Progress

Lots of minor tests/tweaks, in particular messing with the 2D ship system/overview map - this still doesn’t line up 1:1 with the ships real positions, and the collisions are slightly off.

Also worked on adding doors to the interior of ships, which can be opened currently by using them directly, though the plan is to have these have way more interesting interactions later on - maybe controlling them remotely like FTL, or locking/unlocking them as in Void Bastards to control the enemy.

I’m also considering having some sort of basic cabin pressure/hull breach mechanics to make things more interesting here.

GGC2020 - Day 5 [Froid Signature]

3 June 2020

GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020!


Day 5 Progress

Focused on the 2D billboarded style today, making the NPCs work with the spritesheets and ensuring they render at the correct depths

Also has animations for walking and jumping, and players have the same sprites!

GGC2020 - Day 4 [Froid Signature]

2 June 2020

GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020!


Day 4 Progress

Didn’t get tonnes of time in today but focused on combining the ship piloting and fps boarding mechanics!

So now ramming into other ships on the map collides and (immediately for now) boards them onto the enemy ship

GGC2020 - Day 3 [Froid Signature]

1 June 2020

GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020!


Day 3 Progress

Today the big focus was starting the ship piloting/overview map (currently just in the top right of the player’s screen at all times)

Different ships can be travelling around on this map and collide with each other! Though there’s no captain’s chair yet so WASD moves the FPS character and the space ship :)

Tomorrow I plan to combine these disparate systems a bit more with basic ramming/boarding of other ships!

GGC2020 - Day 2 [Froid Signature]

31 May 2020

GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020!


Day 2 Progress

I focused a lot on the player movement interactions today to get the heavy feel I wanted, with view punches when you walk & chunky sound effects. This included getting some weapon first person view models in to test the style, though it looks a bit weird currently with the 3d enemies (default HL2 Combine Soldiers)

I expanded the ship editor system to support different sized parts, rather than just the 1x1 basics from yesterday, and made it spawn a physical ship with some placeholder enemies inside

As you can see in the video below I was also testing some lighting solutions a little, as I want to be able to power ships on/off via subsystems and have lots of interactions!

Tomorrow I’m probably going to start looking into the piloting/navigating of ships!

GGC2020 - Day 1 [Froid Signature]

30 May 2020

GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020!

[I competed back in 2018 with Heavy Gullets!]

The themes were announced last night; Space, Start With Nothing, or Procedural Generation





I’m currently leaning towards the space theme, taking inspiration from games like Void Bastards and Heat Signature.

Dungeon-crawly ships to loot and plunder!


Day 1 Progress

To that end I wanted to get started with the actual ships as soon as possible, so today mostly focused on making this Ship Editor! A top down layout/floorplan editor with modular pieces from Spacebuild

Currently only supports 1x1 size tiles but works with save/load support & collision!


I also experimented a little with some 2D billboarding inspired by Void Bastards

I’m planning to post my progress at the end of each day, so we’ll see how long that sticks!

Prop Hunt: Legs [Prop Hunt: Leggy Edition]

28 April 2020

I’ve been playing a lot of the classic Garry’s Mod gamemode Prop Hunt recently on a little personal server with friends, and so obviously I’ve been tweaking things here and there to make it my own.

One thing that always bothered me about prop hunt was how ‘flat’ the movement was, props just phase along the floor - so unrealistic! With this in mind, I decided to add; Legs