Rainbow Jam 2021 - Day 11 [PsiFrost]

2 September 2021

Rainbow Jam 2021 - Day 7 [PsiFrost]

29 August 2021

So much to show here! We’re on a new slope test map, with chain assets provided by Caspar

Emmy implemented the checkpoint & dialogue systems - I believe these were actually her first foray into Unity development so well done Emmy!
This is the first change we’ve gotten to show off the different characters from Cat’s narrative, now in the game! There’s a whole 26 act story to voice and implement, though for now I just did some quick recordings for all the characters heard here. It was super important to us to have these fully voiced as players simply won’t be able to concentrate on reading text boxes while high speed drifting down mountain tracks. I had a lot of fun trying to do different accents! Though Green is definitely my favourite here, and going forward we’ll be spliting up the acting a lot more. We’re using FMOD for all the audio and I’m really happy with the radio style effect I was able to create.

The ghosts are further implementation by me, linking the old ghost system to the checkpoint system so they spawn in each “act” of the race as you cross that checkpoint. These are recorded in game by simply driving around as normal (it just stores out a bunch of positions, angles, & velocities as a .json)

Rainbow Jam 2021 - Day 6 [PsiFrost]

28 August 2021

As you can see it’s immediately looking much brighter and readible, thanks to an aesthetic colour pass by Caspar

I was implementing actual drifting today, so when the player holds drift they skid and turn dramatically. This adds a lot to the feel of the game and gives the player more control when it comes to deciding how harshly to turn.
This is heightened by these wonderful trail particles by Autumn. Again really selling the speed of the thing.
I also love the camera barely keeping up with the intense turns here - but at the same time never losing track of the player or making play hard. Really happy with it!

With sound effects from Autumn & amazing music by Emmy!!

Rainbow Jam 2021 - Day 5 [PsiFrost]

27 August 2021

One of the great things about the length of Rainbow Jam is that its specifically designed to avoid people overworking. So! It’s been a few days. I spent a few hours here and there tweaking things but let’s have a look at today’s meaningful progress.

Aesthetic tests! We’re using the FlatKit shader plugin for Unity. I tried to colour match the concept art provided by Caspar & attempted to approximate Sid’s vehicle designs with some basic primitives to get this first feel for the game’s look.

Rainbow Jam 2021 - Day 2 [PsiFrost]

24 August 2021

Day 2 saw more work on the vehicle physics + controls! I prototyped the first iteration on the drifting/turbo mechanic; currently if you turn at high speed it counts as a drift and builds turbo. This turbo can then be used at will to go fast!

The turbo bar UI is world space so I can have it jiggle around and stretch to add to the speed effects. I’ve also been heavily focusing on the camera logic; its a simple follow camera with no player input but I’m adding a lot of distance/fov lerping to really help sell the speedy movement too.

Rainbow Jam 2021 - Day 1 [PsiFrost]

23 August 2021

Today marks the start of Rainbow Jam 2021! The jam lasts two weeks and is always a blast. I’ve been participating since the original in 2016!

The theme is Liberation

Our first day began with a long brainstorming call. I’ll be working in a team with friends for the jam, and we came up with this idea for a queer hover racing game!

I then got stuck in on the first iteration of the car physics while I wait for the job-havers on the team to have some free time to work on this.
I also did some very quick prototypes for ghost drivers. We decided on ghost recordings to compete against to avoid having to try and design racing AI within the two week project scope.

Full team; Autumn, Caspar, Cat, Emmy, Sid
There are a lot of us so we should be able to manage this larger scope!

Biome Online - Welcome Tour [Biome Gallery]

12 September 2020

Our wee gallery is on display at this years EGX Leftfield Collection!

We’re going live now with our welcome tour/launch party, so feel free to join and hang out!

GGC2020 - Judging Stream! [Gario Party 13!]

10 August 2020

The judging stream for the GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020 happened last night! It was a great event showing off the 8 fantastic entries this year

Here’s a link to my segment showing off Gario Party 13!

GGC2020 - Day 12 [Froid Signature]

16 June 2020

GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020!


Day 12 Progress

The focus was on enemy NPCs! There are three current types to test with; a (Fire Breathing) Demon, a (Explosive Shooting) Floating Skull, & a (Shrieking) Shrieker

I also added a simple little ‘wave defense’ mode to test out these enemies in an open arena (it just constantly spawns enemies for the player)

GGC2020 - Day 11 [Froid Signature]

15 June 2020

GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020!


Day 11 Progress

Lots of progress with the weapon systems today!

First of all I moved the weapon code out into separate classes and changed from the hard-coded base sprite to a modular system, so now each new weapon can define its spritesheet & UVs, along with its weapon stats (damage, spread, sounds, etc)

To demo this I created 5 new weapons!

Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Laser, & Rocket Launcher