The jam ratings went live today!

We're super proud of our wee game, but here are some reflections now that the jam is over and we've had plenty of feedback!

We grew used to the controls during our two weeks of constant internal playtesting, but didn’t teach them well enough to new players. People said once they got used to the controls they had a great time drifting around, but there was a steep learning curve.

I ended up posting a hotfix to remove the lose conditions, as people weren’t able to complete the game. The idea was if every other ghost driver reached the checkpoint before you that you’d fallen too far behind and had to retry from the last checkpoint. Now you can keep trying forever, which helps people to focus on having fun with the driving + movement and listening to the narrative.

Don’t leave all your level design to the last minute. I’m still super proud of our track designs considering this fact, but it was way too stressful and could have had plenty of time for iteration otherwise.