A PS Vita game; straighten metal blanks to shape swords!

Platform: PlayStation Vita

Engine: Abertay Framework (C++)

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Uni

(2014) [Long]

A game about straightening metal blanks to shape swords, players must heat the bent metal blank they are provided & then hit the kinks with the hammer in order to straighten it.  The player can buy bent blanks & sell straight ones for lump sums of gold at the marketplace.  There is also an option in the marketplace to fill out an order, which gives the player a number of blanks to straighten within a time limit, but pays out more.

New Smithing System - Indie DB

(Footage from LÖVE remake)



Made for my Console Game Development module in second year at Abertay University.  The brief was to make a basic 2D game with our own collision detection.  I’ve implemented crafting systems before, however with this one I aimed to make a more engaging experience rather than simply navigating UI.  I went on to port this crafting mechanic to LÖVE (Lua) for use in my Frontier Town remake.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Game design
  • Gameplay implementation
  • Inverse Kinematics system for the Blacksmith's arms.
  • Particle systems for the fire, steam & sparks.
  • User Interface with panels, buttons, text edits.

Matthew Cormack