A game focused on players working together to create towns.

Platform: PC

Engine: Garry's Mod

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Hobby

(2010) [Long]

A game focused on players working together to create towns and communities, and the interaction between these factions.

(Warning- Loud voice chat throughout, video is not mine)


Created during my spare time while in high school for use on my own server, with my community.  The mode took inspiration from precursors such as GMStranded and Winter Survival, aiming to add a cooperative focus with longer term gameplay.  The game was in consistent development for around a year as new builds were uploaded and tested by the community weekly.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • MySQL Database for characters, inventories, skills.
  • Building positioning interface & construction system.
  • Skill tree user interface and functionality.
  • User faction system with ability to create and join factions.
  • Organizing/managing the team.
  • Sourcing audio and art assets to add to those Joschach created.

Matthew Cormack - Project Lead/Programmer/Designer
Emily Rager - Quality Assurance/Programmer
Jonathan Ricci (Steam) - 3D Artist
Telepethi - Designer

Project forum thread