Tragic Magic Reloaded HD (2015)

Reworked version of Tragic Magic, a topdown magical versus game.

PrequelTragic Magic

Platform: PC (custom controller)

Engine: Otter (C#)

Role: Project Lead / Programmer

Development: Hobby (2015)                                              [1 month]


The game tells the story of two rivals who both discover magic at the same time, but don’t know how to use it properly.  Players must look through the two books of spells which sit atop the table to find the spell combinations. Once a combo has been entered, the player aims and casts at the other wizard by pointing and flicking their wand.




A polished version of the original Tragic Magic, which was created during the Global Game Jam 2015.  After receiving good feedback at the Dundee Play Party and DCA Drop in & Play events, the team decided to continue with the project and enter into the BAFTA Scotland New Talent award.  We spent a month polishing up the gameplay, art, & audio, then presented the game to the award judging panel in Glasgow.


Personal Responsibilities:

  • Worked with the Leap Motion Controller C# bindings to track the players’ physical wands.
  • Planned the reworked version of the game & organised the allocation of tasks.
  • Worked with a Twitter API to enable the game to tweet a picture of the round & tag the players.
  • Wrote the base gameplay & UI systems, which handled the split-screen HUDs.



Dundee Play Party Community Choice Award


“This game is better than Minecraft”

– Kid playing the game at the Dundee Contemporary Arts Center Drop in & Play event

(who went on to say “I don’t really like Minecraft though“)


Source Code:


Team (Manic Magicians):

Left to Right: Jordan Brown, Max Wrighton, Matthew Cormack, Sean Thurmond
Left to Right: Jordan Brown, Max Wrighton, Matthew Cormack, Sean Thurmond

Matthew Cormack (@johnjoemcbob) – Lead Programmer

Jordan Brown (@DrMelon) – Programmer

Sean Thurmond (@_Inu_) – Programmer

Max Wrighton (@MaxWrighton) – Engineer

Pip Snaith (@pipsnaith) – Artist



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