Global Game Jam 2015, a topdown magical versus game.

Platform: PC (Custom Arcade Cabinet)

Engine: Unity

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Jam

(2015) [Short]

The game tells the story of two rivals who both discover magic at the same time, but don't know how to use it properly. Players must look through the two books of spells which sit atop the table to find the spell combinations. Once a combo has been entered, the player aims and casts at the other wizard by pointing and flicking their wand.


Made during the Global Game Jam of 2015.  The theme was “What do we do now?” however after this amazing keynote our team decided that the ‘real’ theme was about magic and merging physical & digital media.  Max came to the jam equipped with a large empty plastic container, which he was set on converting into a multiplayer arcade machine.  This coupled with the Leap Motion Controller formed the idea of making a magical versus game.  The initial idea was to have hand gestures to cast the spells, until we remembered that the tracker also supported tracking ‘tools’ (bright, thin, cylindrical objects such as pencils) and so created the two wands displayed above.


Dundee Play Party Community Choice Award


"This game is better than Minecraft"

- Kid playing the game at the Dundee Contemporary Arts Center Drop in & Play event

(who went on to say "I don't really like Minecraft though")


Personal Responsibilities:
  • Worked with the Leap Motion Controller C# bindings to track the players’ physical wands
  • Worked with Unity's built in particle editor to create spells

Source Control:

Matthew Cormack – Programmer/Designer
Jordan Brown – Programmer/Designer
Sean Thurmond – Programmer/Designer
Max Wrighton – Engineer/Designer

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