A networked platforming racing game for the PlayStation Vita.

Platform: PlayStation Vita

Engine: PS Vita SDK (C++)

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Uni

(2014) [Long]

A networked platforming racing game for the PlayStation Vita.

Earth to Moon - Menu



Made for my Console Game Development module in second year at Abertay University.  The brief was to make a 2D physics game using Box2D and the 2D framework provided.  Set out to make a fully 3D networked physics game, simulating a duel between two swordsmen.  Spent most of the 4 months of development experimenting with the PS Vita SDK & developing the core engine for the project.  This led to a lack of time to develop the gameplay fully, so I instead made a rolling ball platformer with networked racing (no networked physics - the other player was a ghost).  The game’s design evolved from the shapes and textures I had been using to test the engine; which led to the game being about the earth platforming along concrete beams to find its moon, while also inside an earth skybox.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Extended the 2D Abertay Framework provided, with functionality for rendering 3D scenes and loading .obj files.
  • Integrated and worked with the Bullet physics library.
  • Experimented with the PS Vita SDK.
  • Implemented a networked game using the PS Vita’s Adhoc connection mode (for devices in close proximity).
  • User Interface library from Blacksmith extended.

Matthew Cormack