Dare to be Digital 2016 Protoplay experimental entry.

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Hobby

(2016) [Short]

A four player build-your-own-monster-and-fight-them game focused on adding special limbs to your god to give them power.


As an experiment in design, me and my team-mate Dziek decided to create two unique halves to a game and then combine them.  I was experimenting with programmatic animation at the time, and had this odd little ball creature with legs and arms.  Dziek went through several iterations; from farming, to racing, finally creating the helicopters shown above.  We decided that to link the two halves together we would create a build and fight game, wherein his helicopters would build monsters out of the creatures in my prototype.  My work then focused mainly on the combat phase of the game; which was simplified when we decided to make the arms flail and attack by themselves, rather than being player-controlled.  The game was designed for two players sharing a controller on two opposing teams.  In the build phase each player has control of their own build helicopter; whereas in the fight phase the players control half of the monsters’ movement.

The whole game was created purely for the Dare to be Digital Protoplay Indie festival of 2016.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Fighting phase gameplay & scene
  • Body movement & controls
  • Keyframe animation system and animation data
  • God name generation; procedurally generated names based on attached limbs
  • Demoing the game at Dare to be Digital Protoplay 2016

Source Control:

Dziek Dyes-Bolt - Programmer/Designer
Matthew Cormack - Programmer/Designer