smokeSCREEN VR (2018)

Developed at PreviewLabs. An educational VR game.

Sequel: Invite Only VR

Platform: Oculus Go

Engine: Unity (C#)

Role: Programmer

Development: PreviewLabs (2018)[Long]


An educational virtual reality game aimed at teens to help teach how to properly refuse peer-pressure, specifically relating to vaping and e-cigarettes.  Created for the play4REAL Lab at Yale’s Center for Health & Learning Games.




The game integrates voice recognition for dialogue responses, to help fully immerse the player in the virtual environment and to reinforce their learning.  There are four playthroughs, each of which adds to the player’s pool of refusal powers and which reset Groundhog Day style to allow them to try the same situations again while applying their growing arsenal.


Personal Responsibilities:

  • Dialogue system and script integration
  • FMOD integration and binaural audio support
  • Voice recognition with Pocket Sphinx
  • Oculus Go platform optimisations



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