Smithy’s Kitchen (2020)

An Oculus Quest sword-baking game.

Prequel: Smithy’s Kitchen (GGJ)

Platform: VR – Oculus Quest

EngineUnity (C#)

RoleProgrammer / Designer

Development: Hobby (2020)                                        [In Progress]


A cute cooking/smithing game – craft the gingerbreader a new weapon of war! Yay! Originally made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2020.



Personal Responsibilities:

  • Game design
  • Unity/VRTK setup
  • Sword blade crafting interactions:
  • Carrot chopping
  • Whisking/mixing liquid
  • Pouring into mould
  • Oven & cooking
  • Hammering to straighten the sword
  • Scene design


Source Control:



Caspar (@GhostTyrant) – Programmer/Designer

Matthew (@johnjoemcbob) – Programmer/Designer



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