Developed at PreviewLabs. A sex education game.

Platform: iOS

Engine: Unity

Role: Programmer

Development: PreviewLabs

(2017) [Short]

A dialogue-based game concept used to empower teens and help them reduce risks related to sex. Created for Yale School of Medicine.

(Early prototype footage with example story content)


The player makes decisions in various conversations at parties, in the bedroom before having sex, with the school nurse, etc. Along the way the player and their character in the game learn more about prevention, STIs, correct use of contraceptives, and ways to talk about the subject with their partner. This seXP unlocks extra options in the dialogue.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Taking over development of the project from its previous authors – learning code base and building upon it
  • Fixing legacy issues
  • Refactoring legacy prototype code
  • Adding more customisation through CSV files & custom image loading to allow the client to author their own experiences
  • Adding additional health/disease features
  • Polishing experience


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