Planetary Annihilation Mod: Multiplayer Campaign (2016)

Planetary Annihilation mod, multiplayer campaign mode.



EngineOtter (C#)

Role: Programmer/Designer

Development: Hobby (2016)                                              [1 month]


A multiplayer version of the Planetary Annihilation singleplayer campaign.




A standalone application created in C# using the Otter SFML framework runs the campaign logic – that is player movement, capturing systems, & unlocking new technologies.  Using UDP networking, players take turns to move their armies and to battle for systems.  When a battle is started this application outputs the currently unlocked technologies into the mod, allowing the players to switch to Planetary Annihilation for the actual battling.  Afterwards the results of the battle are input back into the standalone campaign application, and the victors are rewarded.


Personal Responsibilities:

  • Procedural galaxy map generation
  • User interface controls & design
  • Networked play (UDP using Lidgren)
  • Game state saving/loading
  • Planetary Annihilation mod, handling disabled units & allowing each player to have uniquely upgraded versions of each unit/building


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