A hotseat-multiplayer collection of carnival themed minigames.

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Jam

(2015) [Short]

A hotseat-multiplayer collection of carnival themed minigames. Users interact using the Leap Motion Controller hand tracking technology, taking turns to attempt each game until one of them completes it.  Score is awarded for winning minigames, and the overall winners are displayed on podiums at the end of the game.


Made in ten days for the 2015 Leap Motion 3D Jam.  After my entry last year, I decided to focus more strongly on gameplay for this project.  Taking inspiration from WarioWare, I created a local multiplayer collection of quickfire minigames.  There were four unique minigames in the project (after scrapping a few which were harder/didn’t fit the theme), which got more challenging as the game continued.  Due to this being a solo project I chose to construct almost all the art out of Unity primitive shapes, then use a toon shader to try and give it a coherent style.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Leap Motion Controller hand interaction with objects, gesture recognition.
  • Modelling of 3D assets (i.e. target breakage, skeeball board).
  • Base game logic; states, minigames, & round controlling.
  • Worked with Unity's built in particle editor to create stylized effects.
  • Running focus testing with other members of Abertay Game Development Society to get useful feedback.

Source Control:

Matthew Cormack

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