HoloLens Tech Support Demo (2017)

Developed at PreviewLabs. An augmented reality prototype.


Platform: HoloLens

Engine: Unity (C#)

Role: Programmer

Development: PreviewLabs (2017)[Short]


A prototype which allows users to video chat with a remote support agent and scan real-world markers to receive information.



This prototype was developed to showcase the possibilities of the HoloLens, with support for video calling and image marker recognition using Vuforia. For example, the HoloLens could recognize a logo on a client’s product, and then augment the user’s view with more information. The video calling feature was designed with the goal of allowing technicians to call remote experts for assistance.


Personal Responsibilities:

  • Vuforia marker recognition
  • Custom web tool to allow clients to define markers and the linked image/information



PreviewLabs – Company Project



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