GMod Painting (2019)

A Leap Motion painting prototype for Garry’s Mod.



EngineGarry’s Mod (Lua)


DevelopmentHobby (2019)                                        [3 days]


A painting prototype for Garry’s Mod, inspired by Eastshade.  Players can choose any map to explore before picking a spot to paint.  Complete paintings are analyzed by ray tracing against the scene and storing the percentage content breakdowns.




I was inspired by playing the beautiful Eastshade (an open world painting game) but was disappointed to find no painting minigame, so of course I just had to mock one up myself.  Players find a vista to paint and then choose which brush effects to use where to complete the painting.  These effects are selected via the numpad, which allowed me to build a cardboard artist palette with a wireless numpad core (pictured below).

I was also discussing the popular gamemode Jazztronaunts with a friend, which has players jumping around loads of different maps trying to collect objects, and thought it would be fun to have a similar concept but with painting contracts.  So players would receive requests in the hub world (e.g. a vibrant painting of a beach) and have to travel around to find a perfect spot to capture.  To this end I worked on analyzing the painting contents by splitting the image into a grid of ray traces and storing the results to form an understanding (an example of an analyzed image is shown in the header above).


Personal Responsibilities:

  • Leap Motion Controller input to digital brush strokes
  • Image analyzing & name generation


Source Control:



Solo Project