Developed with PreviewLabs. An educational card game.

Platform: iOS

Engine: Unity

Role: Programmer

Development: PreviewLabs

(2018) [Short]

An educational card game designed to teach player's about the Irish Great Famine. Most cards have effects on the core nutrients; fat, carbs, and protein.  Cards must be played strategically to balance the nutrient gauges in the green zones in order to survive. Created for Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum.


The player takes on the role of both Cait and Liam; a woman trying to survive the Great Famine, and her modern day descendant.  They take turns as each character, playing cards to balance their nutrient gauges.  As Cait this could be some spoiled meat, blighted potatoes, and watered down soup.  For Liam this might be a slice of pizza, a bowl of cereal, and a granola bar.  This draws deliberate attention to the struggle of Cait to survive in comparison to the ease Liam has - with most of his cards giving massive nutrient bonuses.  Ending a turn with any of the character’s gauges in the red will cause them to lose health, and dropping below the 80% healthy threshold means there is a chance for them to become ill - making it even harder to survive.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Fixing and finalising game code
  • UI
  • Card balancing


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