A competitive team-based map control gamemode.

Platform: PC

Engine: Garry's Mod

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Hobby

(2015) [Short]

A Garry's Mod gamemode with two teams competing against each other for control of a map.  The game takes place in a fantasy setting with teams of heroes and monsters.  The monsters start with control of the entire map, with the goal of wiping out all of the heroes (who cannot respawn).  The heroes must capture all of the control points to win.  Monsters can choose between different classes with different stats and abilities.  Heroes can loot chests at captured points in order to find better abilities, which can only be equipped at spell altars (pictured above).


This was made as part of my team’s entry to a Facepunch user’s gamemode contest.  The contest lasted four weeks and was split into two phases; the gamemode phases and the DLC phase.  During the two week gamemode phase developers created a gamemode from scratch, using modular design practices to allow other users to easily create new content for it.  During the 2 week DLC phase developers then chose to work on some of the other gamemodes submitted to the first phase of the contest. Dungeon Crawler was the project we made during the gamemode phase.  Our team then worked on DLC for another developer’s gamemode “SkyView” during the DLC phase, creating SkyView: Arcade Edition.

Dungeon Crawler was build on top of the well known Fretta gamemode base, which allows quick implementation of team & round based gameplay.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Gameplay design
  • Base gameplay implementation
  • Atmospheric map additions; fog effects, rain particles, ambient sounds
  • Map positioning of gameplay entities (e.g. chests, control points, spell altars)
  • Loot chests to supply heroes with new spells
  • Control point capture logic
  • Modular buff system to allow players to be affected by various timed positive/negative buffs
  • Modular spell system; stats attached can be supplied with random ranges and chances, as well as a minimum level before spawning from chests
  • HUD; minimap, health/mana bars, buff display/description, equipped spell display/description
  • Various example spells
  • Particle systems; chest opening, spell altar purple border (pictured above)

Source Control:

Matthew Cormack - Project Lead/Programmer
Autumn J. Brown - Programmer/Designer
Emily Rager - Quality Assurance/Designer

Steam Workshop Project
Forum contest entry post