Aeon (2015)

A group project based on a client brief from FuturLab.


Platform: PlayStation Vita

EngineSony’s PhyreEngine (C++)

Role: Engine/Lead Programmer

Development: Uni (2015)             [9 months]


The game follows the story of Riko, an ex-Quarp Jet tester turned bounty hunter as she tracks down criminals through a neon city.  Set before the events of Velocity 2X, Riko makes use of experimental teleportation which allows her to swap with energy crates.




Worked within a team of eight people from all disciplines to create a 2D puzzle platformer prototype within FuturLab’s Velocity universe.


Personal Responsibilities:

  • Worked with core PhyreEngine functionality throughout as the architect of the project’s base systems
  • Managed task breakdown & allocation for myself and the two gameplay programmers on the team
  • Handled communication between the programming team and the other disciplines
  • Supported the artists & audio designer by ensuring their assets were properly implemented
  • Worked closely with the game designer on level design & gameplay iterations
  • Managed Perforce source code repository


Source Control:

Private Perforce Repository


Team (Neon Gecko):

Matthew Cormack (@johnjoemcbob) – Engine/Lead Programmer

Cass Bennett (@DalishCassassin) – Gameplay Programmer

Craig Smith – Gameplay Programmer

Adam McArthur – Lead Artist

Karolina Jacobsson (@KarolinaJacobss) – Artist

Bev Campbell (@BandiBev) – Character Designer & Animator

Gerard McCullough (@Komunnistkore) – Producer

Georgi Trenev (@Dealey) – Designer

Cameron Brown – Audio Designer

Andrew Dodds – Composer



The work shown above was created as part of a mentoring programme run by Abertay University, and all content within it is owned by FuturLab.Futurlab