A cooperative mobile phone party game.

Platform: Android

Engine: Unity

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Jam

(2015) [Short]

A cooperative mobile phone party game.  Players work together to perform surgery, taking on the roles of two drunk medical students the night before their final exam.  The goal is to keep the patient alive for as long as possible, but all the players are equipped with are kitchen tools and an incomprehensible manual.  The doctor's role is to use a tool on the heart, then request the next tool from the nurse.  The nurse must then look up the tool, select the right one, & tell the doctor which action to perform.


My team’s entry to the 24 hour Charged Hearts jam, hosted at the Hannah Maclure Centre as part of the Hearts and Minds exhibition.  The jam promoted healthy working practices and so was spread across three days, allowing jammers to rest as normal without missing development time.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Base gameplay, state system, etc
  • Gyro/accelerometer gesture recognition

Karolina Jacobsson - Artist/Designer
Tone Persson - Artist/Designer
Matthew Cormack – Programmer/Designer
Tom Marcham - Programmer/Designer
Andrew Dodds - Audio