A multiplayer apocalyptic campaign gamemode.

Platform: PC

Engine: Garry's Mod

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Hobby

(2017) [Long]

Inspired by Prey (2017), Epistle 3 Jam, and Twelve Monkeys (2015). A multiplayer campaign focused on going back in time to help key Half Life characters (such as Alyx).


The mod originally started out as a test bed for various features inspired by Prey (2017), such as this fabricator system.

However as it developed I focused more and more on creating storytelling tools, such as the scene animator and in-game voice line recorder. My hope with these was to make contributing to the project so easy that any member of the community could help out, without needing knowledge of programming/external tools.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Home base NPCs
  • Mission quest system
  • Teleporter animation/effects
  • World/mission map
  • Scene animator tool
  • Voice line recorder tool

Matthew Cormack