A medieval roleplay game running on dedicated servers.

Platform: PC

Engine: Garry's Mod

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Hobby

(2007) [Short]

Multiplayer gamemode in which players take on different jobs in a medieval society.


My first experience with modding and game development! This began as an edit to the popular ‘DarkRP’ gamemode, with a medieval theme. I was constantly developing the game for a small (~50) active community, and being able to upload my changes and immediately get player feedback was really validating. It also had over 20,000 downloads on the old garrysmod.org addon hosting site.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Learning to code, along with the specifics of Garry's Mod Lua
  • Server/community management
  • Mining/cutting trees
  • Crafting
  • Weaponry

Matthew Cormack - Project Lead/Programmer/Designer
Calle J. Bremer - Mentoring and Project Help

Project Forum Thread
Reuploaded Game Link