A top down survival rpg with resource collecting and building.

Platform: Web

Engine: Flash (ActionScript 3)

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Uni

(2013) [Long]

A top down survival rpg with resource collecting and building, and the overall goal of constructing a town.




Made for my Media Production and Design module in first year at Abertay University.  The coursework specification was to create a small game in Flash using ActionScript 3.  Originally the goal was to be to keep the growing community fed by farming, however the aim was shifted to focus more on the collection of resources and construction of buildings.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Character creation and selection.
  • Character & world saving/loading.
  • Graphic sorting system for simulating depth of objects depending on their y position.
  • Inventory system with drag and drop capabilities.
  • Dialogue system with user options.
  • Merchant buying/selling.
  • Building placement and construction.
  • Item crafting.

Matthew Cormack