CARTES (2016)

Developed at PreviewLabs. A multiplayer educational game.

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity

Role: Programmer

Development: PreviewLabs

(2016) [Long]

A multiplayer educational maths game created to help teach precalculus through play.  Developed for Yale University’s Department of Mathematics.


During the pre-game each of the two players must place 5 grid squares of their own colour.  They then take turns combining function and parameter cards to generate a graph which passes through as many of their opponents grid squares as possible (first player to destroy all enemy squares wins).  Cards are consumed when used to create a graph, and more are drawn at the end of the players’ turn.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Implementing modular graph plotter
  • Equation card system
  • Grid based 'Battleship' style combat


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