Developed at PreviewLabs. A multiplayer HoloLens prototype.

Platform: HoloLens

Engine: Unity

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: PreviewLabs

(2017) [Long]

A competitive capture-the-flag augmented reality game for the HoloLens.  Players control a group of four buggies, which they can use to strategically protect their own flag while stealing the enemy's.


In Buggy Blasters each player controls four buggies with the goal of capturing the enemy flag and bringing it home, while protecting their own flag.  The player can also destroy their opponents’ buggies to help their escape or protect their base.  Players can control their buggies with ‘air tap’ controls or with a wireless Xbox One S controller.  In addition there is a singleplayer mode in which the player can drive around freely and - using the spatial awareness of the HoloLens - under a table, off their sofa, or around the corner.

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Researching the HoloLens hardware
  • Learning how to use augmented reality and spatial understanding
  • Networking gameplay between two HoloLenses
  • Car movement controls


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