A shared Biome Collective Roblox realm!

Platform: PC / Mac / Console

Engine: Roblox

Role: Developer

Development: Biome Collective

(2020) [Short]

A fun shared experiment with others from Biome Collective, we would meet up in the networked Roblox Studios world editor to learn, create, & play together!

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Learning the Roblox editor
  • Server/client communications
  • Roblox lua scripting
  • Magic system
  • Racing manager
  • World creation
  • Folk game design
  • Helping Niall with hat system
  • Tree decorate minigame

Biome Collective
Matthew Cormack - Programmer/Designer
Niall Moody - Programmer/Designer
James Morwood - Programmer/Designer
Henry Pullan - Programmer/Designer
Caspar Starton - Designer
Douglas Flinders - Designer
Tom deMajo - Designer
Malath Abbas - Designer