An online multiplayer art gallery/collection of experiences!

Platform: Web

Engine: Javascript

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Biome Collective

(2020) [Short]

Based on The LIKELIKE Online Museum of Multiplayer Art by Molleindustria. Displayed at EGX Leftfield 2020!

[Play here!]

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Room creation/editor tool
  • Assisting other Biome members with contributions
  • Modular room loading
  • Modular followers
  • LIKE-LIKE-likes room, a map showing a bunch of other galleries!
  • Project showcase room, a display of random projects by Biome members!
  • Growth mechanic and secret ending (see spoilers section of video)

Biome Collective
James Morwood - Programmer/Designer
Niall Moody - Programmer/Designer
Matthew Cormack - Programmer/Designer
Paolo Pedercini - Base LIKELIKE Online