It’s over!

Wow, the last two weeks have been a blur, but we’ve had a lot of fun making this wee game :)

We’re so excited to get it submitted and see what people think, and of course to play all the other submissions too!

For our final day, my main focus was on the intro cutscene. Inspired by the movie, each run opens with Val waking Earl up with his fake stampeding (though this is skippable so it doesn’t get tedious)

I also tied a basic tutorial into this system to hopefully guide players who don’t have me sitting over their shoulder telling them the goals and mechanics…

Other than that it’s just been tweaks, bug fixes, & polish!

Emmy made all the meeple have unique colours, which really helps distinguish them on the map :)

Meanwhile Caspar has been working on the final art, especially on the icons for the cards - which I think are looking amazing now! Check ‘em out below