Final polishing & fixing!

One more day!!!

Today has been me scrambling around responding to playtest feedback, fixing bugs, & polishing up the final state of things. Overall we’re still so happy with how far we’ve come in two weeks, it feels like a real game!

One of my focuses has again been the Graboid AI, as I try to make it tough but fair. I upped the speed of the Graboids but spawn them further away from the player, so after the initial calm they are pretty relentless in their chasing.

It’s still possible to distract them by alternating movement between different meeple in different segments of the map, but that’s kind of the theme of the movie so I think its fine here too ;)

From my testing it seems a run can take around 10-15 minutes, which seems acceptable. Assuming you’re doing well you could probably get everything 100% unlocked within an hour or two.