Win conditions?! Scoring, Leaderboard, & Progression

Today I finally got the most basic win condition implemented, a flag marking the start of the mountain trail. When meeples reach here they are considered saved and added to your score.

Also, your score!

I added the score calculations to go along with the working win/lose system we have now, along with a detailed breakdown which you can see below. The score you gain directly affects how much XP you earn, and the number of meeples you save contributes to your PBucks wallet.

I hooked this up to the leaderboard which I had working early on, and it all appears to be working great.

Otherwise I’ve also been tweaking the graboid AI even more, trying to get it to the right balance between chasing down targets but also getting distracted by your.. distraction.. cards. It seems to be working well now, but we haven’t yet tested a full run through with all the cards!

That’s something we’re hoping to start tomorrow, along with getting some outside playtesters to mess with it and see what feedback they have. Exciting :)

Meanwhile Emmy has been finishing up the combat system, & working on specific cards (like the wheelbarrow for clearing debris, or the leap of faith for jumping between rooftops!)

And Caspar is continuing on with their modelling/texture work.