Honours Project – Week 2

Last week I began work on my honours project, this week I plan to move forward with more level editor functionality.


Last week I began the project by experimenting with OpenFrameworks, which will be the foundation of my level editor.  I’ve implemented a basic 3D scene along with camera controls to allow the user to traverse the editor.  I also started work on the XML level data format which will be used to output the level constructed in the editor into the game, so that enemy pathing nodes can now be saved and loaded (though for now their positions are hard-coded within the editor).


This week I plan to implement scene object selection by player’s mouse input (i.e. clicking on a node in the editor will allow the user to move it), along with altering the level editor XML output to reflect the level designed in the editor rather than being hard-coded.  I’ve been looking into how to accomplish this and it seems like GL_SELECT render mode is what I need.  After this the basic level editor features will be almost complete allowing me to move on to the analytical aspects of the project, which are its focus.