Rainbow Jam 2016 – Day 2

Second day of #RainbowJam16! Pathing & AI


Added some rudimentary pathing to the dungeon generation today to allow npcs to navigate & move towards target locations.

The room prefabs now contain interconnected AI pathing nodes which have their door connectors linked to other rooms: making the complete web of paths (I couldn’t use Unity’s navmesh system because of the dynamically generated dungeons).

The actual path finding would need more work to be efficient but I wanted to get something up and running as soon as possible for the jam.

Still don’t know what the game is.

Rainbow Jam 2016 – Day 1

Today marks the start of #RainbowJam16!


Using Unity 5 to create… something. Not sure what the game will be yet, but I wanted to have a go at some nice procedural dungeon generation.

I’m quite happy with what I have so far, it uses room prefabs with connection points to string together the rooms with grid based collision detection.

Currently needs some tweaking ensure it always generates with a minimum number of rooms but I’ve made good progress today.

Game Jam – The Meatly – Day 3

By the end of yesterday I felt I had a pretty good grasp of the ChilliSource engine, so today I just did some more experimentation with its UI system.


I still didn’t have a game by the end of the jam, but I’m quite happy with having experimented with dialogue systems again, and having an attempt at isometric drawing.

The isometric style was easy to pull off in ChilliSource, as it is a 2D and 3D engine I simply placed the tiles on descending y values, rather than having to hard code the draw order.


I saw this pop up on my Twitter feed, which inspired me & moving forward I’m considering creating a procedural city with Kenny’s isometric assets (he has also provided the 3D source files) for my university Procedural Methods coursework (rather than the procedural terrain I was working on before).

Game Jam – The Meatly – Day 2

So far today I’ve been working on the random event dialog system.  ChilliSource’s UI system took a bit of experimentation to get working but now that I understand how to use it, it seems very powerful.  The event panel was easy to setup & was a nice change from building a UI system from scratch, as I did for Frontier Town‘s dialogue.


Here’s a video of what I have so far;


I’m happy with the way it’s coming together so far, especially the title screen, but in hindsight I should have planned more of the actual gameplay before I began.  For now it seems like my entry will be mostly about the dialogue system, with stats increasing depending on the options you pick.


Next Steps:

  • Game developer skills screen & progression



  • NPCs
  • Proper game city (will probably just load a map)
  • Vehicles

Game Jam – The Meatly – Day 1

I’m participating in The Meatly Game Jam this weekend as a practice run for the upcoming ChilliSource Game Jam, as I want to get some experience with the engine rather than wrestling with it during the proper jam.


The theme for this jam is “All things TheMeatly: Life as a Game Developer” which is pretty wide open.  I’ve decided to make a dialogue based game in which you play as an aspiring game developer, going to game jams and studying to increase your skills.  I’ve also been meaning to make a game using Kenney.nl’s isometric city assets, so I’m going to incorporate them into the game.  I’m planning for it to be similar to Game Dev Tycoon, but more dialogue based.



The jam started at 16:00, and so far I’ve spent 5 hours experimenting with ChilliSource & making my title screen.  A lot of what I have so far is placeholder, including the title, but here’s a screenshot of what it looks like;

Game Dev Story

Next Steps:

  • Dialog boxes
  • Random events
  • Game developer skills screen & progression



  • Proper game city (will probably just load a map)
  • Vehicles